What in the World?

It’s the middle of the night. My legs hurt like heck. I should have stretched more. Oh well, I’m fine–really fine.

Yesterday amidst business calls and meetings I owned my words and plans. Within the confines of one day I ascended all three local peaks I climb along with my beloved river trail at dusk. My reason for hiking Mt. Pisgah, Spencer Butte, Skinner Butte, and walking from the red bridge on Delta to my favorite walking river bridge at Valley River was to celebrate, simply: that I could!

Last year at this time I was pretty much bedridden before back surgery–for over two months. It was one of the worst seasons of my life.

Secondly, I need to do something about an issue that has had and still has huge impact on my life and the lives of so many in my life whom I love.

I could just get that bumper sticker I see often which reads, “F@!% Cancer!” or, I can do something. My mode is the latter and it only involves $5 to $25 gifts!

I’m a board member for a fantastic organization, Making it Matter, which produces high-end entertainment events to raise funds for cutting-edge cancer research.

The research being supported this season is through a research team at Seattle’s Children’s Hospital. They are not only saving children with an incredible success rate but they are sparing them (and their families) from traditional means of destroying cancers, chiefly chemo, etc. using immunology.

Many of you have been touched by cancer. Just this year our family lost my brother Ed Jeremiah to cancer. Of course I lost my husband to cancer and his first marriage family was forever changed as Gary’s son Kelly lost the fight with cancer just before he turned seven years old.

Good cancer research has cures already impacting lives. We have the power to see change and impact countless lives.

Why do I bring this up? Because to celebrate my recovery I’m asking friends–and strangers, to give a donation of $5 to $25 to Making it Matter. These gifts will go straight to the aforementioned research.

Will you celebrate with me AND fight for lives alongside me, please? You can go directly to the website and donate or message me about other ways to donate.

Making it Matter’s next event is going to be sensational! It’s in Seattle this November. You can find the details on the website.

Also please like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. Here is the page link: http://makingitmatter.net/

What in the world can you do to spare families from the cancer’s catastrophic impact? Together, even $5 at a time we can see brilliant cures! Please give.

Thank you!
Annette Trucke

“Hope” at Spencer Butte trail. God’s light comes down and invites us up!

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