Face Your Activity

face your activity

At first it was taped to my refrigerator, then it was laying on my kitchen window sill. I just now found it under my jewelry cabinet in my bedroom. I’ve known that I needed to write about this sticky note almost from the time the occupational therapist came to my home and started training me on how to move well without further injury to my back (prior to the surgery that resolved so much of the injury post op). She was a great asset to me with her sticky notes and fun attitude.

“Face Your Activity” she wrote. Of course she meant no weird twisting and such, keeping my core directed at whatever it was I was working on. Yet I’ve continued thinking how this is what we all must do so often: face our activities.

I find it curious that I just now found the note again. Today I have found myself doing everything other than my “activity” of importance today. I went here and there, to a meeting, to do some errands, returns… But what I really needed to do is to make my brother Ed’s (Edward Neil Jeremiah) memorial service programs.

Of course I will pull it off. I work well under pressure. I am reliable with things like this. But I would rather not “face my activity” right now. Though on one hand I honestly rejoice with my brother passing into Heaven, the loss to all of us is something I would rather delay—in fact, I would rather turn the other direction.

I have thought about this sticky note time and again. It pertains to me in a tough way today. But other days, we have “activities” that are positive, though challenging, which we just need to face so that we can do it. Humans find so many ways to not square-up to what needs to be done—even when it is something as fantastic as making a dream come true. Why do we turn so easily to any vice or distraction within eyesight?

Okay, here I go. How can you apply this sticky note to your life right now? Let’s “Face Our Activity!”

(P.S. Sometimes I write because I have creative bursts and things to share. Other times I will burst if I don’t write.)

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