She Who Laughs A Lot

There is a problem (or multiple) with people like me—and maybe you.

Annette photo she who laughs a lot

Those who are creative, curious, and who get bored easily do not just have character flaws or lack of discipline. Truly.  God made us this way. He really did.

When I talk to other creatives, serial entrepreneurs, and those who are gifted–yet cursed with creativity I hear that they are misunderstood often. Yet they are compelled to move forward into their futures and dreams.

People like us drive some people nuts! We frustrate some like a mother putting her hands on our wiggling legs and saying, “Just sit still!” But we can’t. We have to jiggle. We have to look and we have to dream and we are never satisfied with little tidy dreams. We are messy.

But take heart, if you are one of the creatives or if you are one who has to live with one, it is a good thing—even a God thing—messes and all.

The latest dream I have is to be known as “She who laughs a lot!” I like deeper thoughts, and helping humanity; I have no intention of burying my head in the sand. Yet, after so many tough seasons and hardships my next goal is to be more of the one in the photo: She Who Laughs A Lot. I used to be more like her, the one who laughs a lot, but life made me far more serious than my original self. I laughed so much in school that I was given special seating quite often. Of course, I was provoked.

What is your next dream?

(Photo by Tiffenee Ezell)

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