A Woman on a Mission

The other day I was running some errands and as I walked into an establishment at a brisk pace, the friendly man at the counter said, “You look like a woman on a mission.” It gave me slight pause and then I replied with a smile and I imagine a bit of a twinkle in my eye, “…Yes, I am.”


His comment gave me pause for two reasons: First, I thought that perhaps I appeared too hurried—but I wasn’t, I just a quick steady gate without any distractions. But the second and real reason was the epiphany that I want to live like I am someone on a mission (even covert missions—because they sounds more fun)!  I want to live intentionally all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I want to be intentional—“a woman on a mission”—even in rest and relaxation. When it’s time to play (or even veg), I can be intentional and give myself permission to do so instead of thinking of the never ending list of things to do.

I read somewhere yesterday and was reminded that no accomplishment trumps relationships. Whether those relationships are family, friends, social, or business I want to be intentional and led by the Holy Spirit. I want to be one who leaves anyone and anywhere I go better off. I want them to have smiles, hope, insight, etcetera, knowing that they are legitimately valued. I want them to feel better about themselves and life and be able to move forward with their dreams.  I want them to recognize God’s outrageous love for them. And, with “intentionality” I do not mean that it is anything less than organic, it is genuine or not at all. We all need these kind of interactions in our lives to counter the hard stuff; I sure do.

Of course living intentionally includes aiming for healthy bodies, emotions, a sharp mind, and a robust and relevant spiritual life as well. It includes getting organized–again, and all of the common New Year’s resolutions. But the word I am choosing for 2015 is (more) “intentionality.”

What is your word for the year?


Color of the year?

Hoped for destinations?

Books to be wrote or read?

Big dream to move forward?

What will you plant in your garden—literally and figuratively?

Happy New Year 2015!

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