The Convergence: Real Life, Real Faith in the Reel World

The Convergence: Real Life, Real Faith in the Reel World

Playing Tuesday, September 16th, 2014 in Eugene, OR at the Bijou

(New York, NY) Filmmaker Sharon Kon is quickly becoming an innovator in the genre known as faith films. “THE FATHER’S LOVE,” Ms. Kon’s first feature-length film, takes its inspiration from her own life as a twenty-something looking for love and adventure in the big Apple.

Sharon Kon, Producer/Director: The Father's Love
Sharon Kon, Producer/Director:
The Father’s Love

Born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Ms. Kon graduated with honors from Hunter College of The City University of New York with a B.S. in Film and Video Production. Ms. Kon is a director/producer who is passionate about producing films that have “aesthetic appeal and are thought-provoking, which are ultimately life-changing to each viewer.”

Infusing this “new wave” genre with high production values, real life situations, characters with a complex emotional range and cosmopolitan settings, not to mention quality actors from stage and the small screen, Ms. Kon hopes that she will inspire other faith filmmakers to tell stories that are relatable, well acted and void of clichés.


Struggling to find fulfillment in relationships, blossoming filmmaker Sarah discovers that forgiveness is key to true love. Sarah has moved to New York City to pursue her love of filmmaking when she meets the man of her dreams. Charming, handsome and successful, Reece becomes her world. As their love story unfolds, Sarah is taken on a journey of heartbreak and forgiveness, by exploring her relationships both past and present. In the end, she emerges with newfound strength to inspire others when they need it most.

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Expect more quality, thought provoking, and aesthetically pleasing feature films by Sharon Kon in the near future!

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