Deadline in Place for Audacious Consulting Radio

Without setting a deadline things may not get done on time or in some cases, ever. So, I gave myself a date to learn something new and to begin something brand new.  Radio. Live. Online.

I grew up next door to a radio station. KSWB in Seaside. I remember the daily jingle of, “How’s the weather, that’s what we want to hear.” Which living in Seaside was rather pointless, it was normally foggy and/or raining and if we had sunshine we already knew it.  I recall on warm days they would have the window slightly opened and I could hear them recording and playing music.

I remember a confident girl who lived down the alley from my home. Her name was Alice Porter. Her parents owned the beloved corner pharmacy in town. Alice landed herself a spot as a DJ at the age of 14 or 15 I think. She had a great voice. I lost track of her but I know that she went on to be a popular radio host (among other things) in the Seattle, Washington area. She was a big personality and quite inspirational to many. She passed away too early–at the age of 44.

I have had some other touches with radio, doing the ads for our contracting business on our local Christian radio station (KORE) and then more recently ads for Audacious Consulting on the same station.

I am also a co-host for Mighty Women of Vision’s Empowering Hearts Radio which airs on another Christian station twice weekly (KWIL). I have learned the very, very  basics about producing and editing the program and I have gained some confidence in speaking into a mic words which will be cast out on the airwaves. Thankfully MWOV gets help with the editing and we are not too uptight because we are doing a casual, conversation-style program.

As I put all of these elements together with my business, which promotes others and ideas, I think that a program to talk with clients about their books, businesses, products, ideas, organizations, etc. will be fruitful. The hope is to honor God and give a place for people to share their dreams and projects.

Therefore, as I have been avidly researching how to do this the best way I have decided today that I need to quit stalling and jump right in. I hope I can sleep. I have a deadline! I need to know how to do this thing before May 23, 2013 when my first program will air. (By the way, I will have call in capabilities as well since I am aiming at an interactive show!)

I hope my guest and I can lend some inspiration. Some folks think that doing new things is simply too scary, or just ridiculous. They are right–new things are scary and sometimes ridiculous–but in a good way. I am ever-concerned that I am both simultaneously over-my-head and not getting in deep enough for God to keep me afloat. I think I am in the right spot.

I hope you’ll join me on this new adventure!

This is just the beginning. I need to do edits with the profile–including the photo, but here is the URL:


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