Picasso and You…

PicassoWhat do you think about this art work? It’s okay to be a bit of critic even without being an educated art critic. It’s really about how the picture makes you feel and how you like it. I love this work but I realize not everyone has the same taste, or gets the same feel as I do from it.

It is easy to be the one getting to decide if we like something or not. That’s what people do. But on the other side is the artist, the writer, the entrepreneur, the vocalist, drummer, etcetera, that must have the courage to put themselves and their work out to the public. The fact is, the work, or you personally may feel some legitimate criticisms; and you may also just worry about what others think—sometimes to the point of immobility. The thing, is we are all so different—different writing styles, music styles, etcetera…

Sometimes we try to be seen as perfect just because we are so afraid of being criticized. We are so afraid of rejection or disapproval that we pretend that we are at the top of our game, that our kids are perfect, …and, we even let that make us judgmental of others who are perceived as less thans.  This is a trap. Don’t step into it but do step into your own. You know, who you are called to be, made to be, thrilled to be if truth be known.

Do you like Picasso’s work?

3 thoughts on “Picasso and You…

  1. Picasso’s works have always intrigued me. I love this but don’t recall ever seeing it before. She looks free, relaxed, at ease… (And did you notice she has six fingers on each hand!)

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