Authentic, Genuine, and Effective

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Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at the Eugene/Springfield Christian Chamber of Commerce Northwest luncheon.  I had given a condensed version of the same talk the week prior at a Mighty Women of Vision  Toast the King luncheon.

My topic had been provoked by a bit of an epiphany while reading a book on effective social media marketing.  Since that time I have ran into the same concept time and again. For this reason I want to share a snippet of what seems to be my message of the moment. I think it is a universal message which will transcend businesses, organizations, and life in general. So, in a nut shell version, here it is:

Authentic, Genuine, and Effective

Culture is changing at warp speed. The way we communicate and therefore interact changes quickly. It was stated by Wayne Cordeiro at Simply Jesus, in 2011 that what used to take a generation to change is now taking 18 months! And that was almost two years ago. Just think about what was acceptable on television a few years back. Think about telephone usages and how that has changed. I think a majority of people don’t even use land lines any longer. We are all mobile. On the cell, on the IPad, texting, and emailing and only sometimes, speaking to one another. Consider how business takes place now compared to a few years back. Internet commerce grows by leaps and bounds. And what about other areas of life?

What was acceptable at one point and the reverse, are now very fluid. One thing our current culture longs for and demands is a new level of authenticity. We just want the real deal!  This is especially true for younger people. And guess what, the “real deal” is actually the best approach to social media, business, and life.

The four main keys of this (new) genuine way to function are: be accountable, be candid, be generous, and be vulnerable. You see, people want the real deal!

On being accountable, that’s part of authenticity. In this information age, you must be accountable and you’ve got to be who you say or present yourself to be–or people will find out.

And candid, who doesn’t respect a person who just speaks truth–but in a way that is not hurtful? When the receiver simply gives some respect and a listening ear, powerful communication takes place. We don’t have to agree with one another on every issue.  Allowing one another to be candid is only going to come back to you with that measure of respect.

Generosity is key. In social media and business, generosity is THE key. Give, give, give, and give some more. And the proven result: reciprocation. People will give back and do business with you. This is as much of an attitude and spirit as it is of giving knowledge or product. It is an openness. In fact all four of these proven keys have to do with openness.

Vulnerability sounds a bit risky, doesn’t it? But in actuality, it is another way of being open and being authentic. Of course this does not mean to make yourself exposed in ways that would hurt you, but, it does mean that you will be real and not some perfect persona–get it?

Doesn’t this all seem rather easy and refreshing? We still should give our best-side and not think that we should be real by wearing our pajamas to the marketplace. But, being accountable, candid, generous, and vulnerable will lead to a better life experience ALL WHILE YOU ARE BEING WHO YOU ARE AND WHO YOU WERE MEANT TO BE! How exciting is this!

(This message in its entirety will be available to listen to on the Christian Chamber of Commerce Northwest website very soon.)

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