TRAILHEADAn Audacious Consulting Experience

TRAILHEAD is a group coaching momentum gaining adventure taking place on paths & trails in the Eugene, OR area.

A weekly Momentum Challenge will impact all aspects of your life. You’ll experience movement, nature, beauty, friendships, growth of visions, dreams, and possibilities, thus solidify your God-given dreams!

Starts January 5, 2021
3 Days per Week–Sunday afternoons @ 3pm until the days get longer, Tuesdays and Fridays @ 8:30 am.
What’s new this 12 week session?
*We will assess our needs and desires to define our new goals.
*We will pursue a vision or dream, whether a clean start or renewing and developing something in progress. We will share this within our group.
*We will have a weekly inspiration AND a challenge.
*We will committ to getting out and moving our bodies on days TRAILHEAD doesn’t hike AND share about it in a quick Facebook post in our group.

$99 pays for the Full FALL 2020 Experience!

You choose how many hikes you’ll take by simply showing up at the Trailheads (on time).

START DATE: September 11th, 2020. If you can’t make it that day we can arrange your start after the 11th.

(Start as soon as you can to get all the walks/hikes. Come 1/2 hour to 15 minutes early to register and pay. Checks or cash only. You will be asked join the private Facebook group, Trailhead!

HIKES & WALKS 4+ times per week (Do 1 or all!). These include paved river trails & kept hiking trails. There are also “Pop Up Hikes” to new or known destinations.

Rarely I will send out group text whereas any response does not go in that thread but a direct text to me!

I send out emails with our weekly challenges so that anyone who misses getting one from me can read and print their own.

KEEP UP ON OUR PRIVATE FACEBOOK PAGE FOR DETAILS ON PATHS, TRAILS, and MAPS! I also put the calendar in the FILE at the top of that page.

FAll 2020 will be starting with Week #13 and go 12 weeks, therefore ending Week #25! The weeks will always be numbered from our genesis, but dates 📅 will accompany them.

The What:

Weekly Challenges & Inspirations & Group Synergy Work Will Wonders!

The Whys:

My dream is melding my passion for the beauty of the outdoors, the movement upon the trails, and coming alongside others to realize their own–your own, God-given dreams. You are invited to meet me at the Trailhead!

Briefly, my qualifications:

I’ve walked a good portion around the belly of the earth over the years–of course not literally. A few years I started hiking! I fell in love with the way it made me feel, the time it gave, and the results. It was life-changing! Technically, I have a MA in Human Services: Executive Leadership, a BA in Christian Ministy, and a wealth of training over the years. Currently, I am working on a group fitness instructor course and I have CPR/First Aid certification. This does not however imply I am a fitness expert nor that I am assuming responsibility as a physical coach. The expertise I’m bringing to the paths comes from consulting individuals, groups, businesses, and organizations MOVING THEM FORWARD with their dreams at whatever place they are in the process–systematically, and with large doses of ENCOURAGEMENT & CREATIVE & INSPIRING PROBLRM-SOLVING. My book, Audacious Consulting’s Dream Launching is a backdrop for what I do! I ask those joining to buy a copy and work through it at your own pace. I sell them at a discounted price of $10 or you can buy it from Amazon.

CALL or TEXT 541.953.0537. I stay pretty busy so leave a voicemail or TEXT for best results.

Audacious Consulting’s Dream Launching Manual by Annette G Trucke (Get the book on this site or on

TRAILHEAD Adventure Tracker By Annette Trucke (Get the book on this site or on

Text me at 541.953.0537 if you’d like to join!