Consulting is as individualized as you are! My desire is to help get you lined up with your God-given dreams. Your unique story, your experiences, education, and spiritual journey all come into play as you launch out or move forward with your existing vision. This is where things get exciting!

Additionally, one of the chapters in my book, Audacious Consulting’s Dream Launching Manual is, Taking Out the Trash Before the Trip. Some of you may need to do some sorting and trash hauling before you can fully move ahead with your vision. That’s okay!

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The chapter in my book may help you take care of any issues standing in your way. Or, you may need someone to help you. Besides having a lot of practice hauling “garbage” I also have accumulated a formal education that has equipped me to offer a consulting-coaching hybrid–within a biblical framework.

My MA in Human Services: Executive Leadership came through the counseling department at LU. My BA in Christian Ministry is a culmination of Bible, human understanding, and strategic planning. Below I have parsed out my college education pulling out the courses that support my ability to coach.

Please note that there are many excellent licensed counselors and therapists who can help people with mental health issues–my purpose is to help you process roadblocks and gain momentum.

~Annette Trucke

Call for scheduling and cost @ 541.953.0537.

 I mention the following to show the foundation of education that supports this business and my consulting–because life experiences play into our futures!

Educational Courses

Pastoral Counseling & Human Understanding including: Human Growth & Development,*Integration of Psychology & Theology,*Introduction to Human Services Counseling,*Studies in Interpersonal Communications,*Multicultural Issues in Human Services,*Team Leadership & Conflict Resolution. *Group Dynamics,*Pastoral Counseling, Life Transitions, Ministry Leadership, Ministry Integration, Women in Transition, Career & Life Planning, Psychology, Sociology, Contemporary Racial & Ethnic Issues, Pastoral Task & Administrative Skills, Ministry Foundations, Effective Family Ministries, Christian Ministries Reading & Conference, Adult Development & Life Assessments. Biblical/Ministry courses including:Biblical Foundations of Leadership,*Spiritual Formation & Discipline, Hermeneutics, Isaiah, Romans, Old Testament Pentateuch, New Testament Reading & Conference. Business/Organization Launching & Equipping including: Mission, Vision & Strategic Planning, *The Life of Leaders,*Intro to Business, Communications, Co-op Business Management, Advertising & Marketing, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Leadership & Team Dynamics, Hatch Business Incubator (certificate program), Research Writing, Technical Writing, Composition Style & Argument. PLUS learning every day and every step of the way–education should never end!

* Denotes MA level courses

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