Like 83% of the US, you most likely have a story in you that begs to be told or a message that needs to be shared? Are you a writer? Great, we would love to work with you! If you are not a confident wordsmith we can help you, also! Tell us your story and let us take care of the rest.

There is an inner sigh that is content and full of the joy when your captured stories, memories, and perspectives are put into your hands as a book to share with the world through sales or share only with those you choose. Your stories deserve to be captured!

Do you have stories that need to be told? How about your parents–do you have their stories collected? We are all part of history with our unique stories, perspectives, and testimonies. What would you like to leave as your message to the world–what mark will be left? Some things should not be left undone!

We are an independent publishing company here to serve you! For more information please call 541.953.0537



Packages and Gift Packages Specials coming soon! 

Need a bit more encouragement to get yourself started. Listen to the June 28th, 2014 The FayDay Show on KYKN, 1430 Salem. This should do it for you!