It takes courage to step out and do new things or to attempt to do big things that are out of your comfort zone. Yet when you have that inward conviction accompanied by the knowledge that this dream, this vision is indeed the desire of your heart, you can only go forward with it.  And, I have a feeling that in a way, this is where we all “find” ourselves—the person God designed you and me to be.

Here are some areas Annette Trucke’s Audacious Consulting & Media Services can assist you, your business, or your organization:

  • As a Publicist–we may use all/any of the following tools and methods to strengthen your platform
  • Social media handling–Facebook, Twitter, etc. 
  • Book Publishing
  • Increased presence in your realm of expertise and/or services
  • Book signings, art showings, events, speaking engagements, and promotions
  • Writing and distributing press releases and public service announcements
  • Copywriting
  • Website building 
  • Website maintenance (as in changes of content)
  • Skillful listening to your ideas and dreams, ventures, for the purpose of planning and encouragements
  • Problem-solving 
  • Vet and form a strategic plan for your dream
  • Motivation and accountability
  • Event planning
  • Assist organizations (non-profits and businesses) to ratchet up marketing and public relations, while cultivating or renewing a positive culture in the organization.
  • Assist and encourage you and your organization to use the technology and current modes of communication to broaden your impact and reach
  • Assist you to honor God by fulfilling your God-inspired dreams


For pricing on consultations, copy, marketing, promos, publishing, media representation, and a mix of media helps, events, contact Annette Trucke directly through email at or phone 541.953.0537.

Annette Trucke’s Audacious Consulting & Media Services can help you if you are anywhere in the process of realizing a God-inspired dream. Whether you need help publishing a book, marketing, learning social media, or venturing into a non-profit or business we can walk beside you and connect you with knowledge, sources, direction, and inspiration. (And the moxy to get started and keep going!)

Let me tell you a bit about what Annette Trucke’s Audacious Consulting & Media Services has to offer and why I might be the person for you to work with.  By DNA and gifting I am an encourager and a visionary. I see how things can be done and I help people to do these things. It is part of my life-calling and the desires of my heart.  I believe that as I help others to become and do as they are meant to that the kingdom of God on this earth and thus in heaven will be expanded.

Individuals and organization with genuine motives will change their sphere of influence by functioning as God has called them to. There are people everywhere who need to see Christ through His followers living a life of courage and conviction, led by the Holy Spirit and filled with the love and hope of God.

As for my formal education I have a B.A. in Christian Ministry from New Hope Christian College after transferring in from Lane Community College. My focus was on leadership, business, the arts, human understanding, and Christian perspective.  I have a fresh MA in Human Services: Executive Leadership from Liberty University which has additionally equipped me to tackle large projects through to completion and work well with others.

Along with my education I have a lot of experience which gives me the “audacity” to say that I can help you vet your vision and if you have your green light, I’ll help you to hit the throttle and stay on the road until you get to where you need to go. I cannot stress enough how important it is that whatever your vision is, no matter how much outside help you will need or use, this is your vision, to be birthed in God’s timing. You are responsible for it. It is yours to nurture and oversee. Yes, use the services and input of others but do not shirk your ties and commitment to it.