I Paused to Ask Myself…

Rose, single

What will you ask yourself?

I was just getting up from my computer to run to the next to-do on my list when I paused to ask myself, “Why aren’t you writing?” Not at the moment, but period.

I love to write. Understandably, if I play the comparative cards, I will estimate my words as less important than others—yet the one person (or more), the ones who may need them may–NEED them. Or me, what about me? Do I need a chance to ponder and play, resulting in words on a screen?

Yet endless reasons suggest I have no time or place.

When I queried about “What will you ask yourself?”—can you imagine the benefits? A painter doesn’t paint solely for the end product, though it is what they are obviously looking towards. A writer doesn’t just write to be published—or even read. A golfer doesn’t just golf for the score card highlights—we do what we do because we must!

Does what you love to do creatively or recreational feed you?

You bet it does! I could easily lay a case for the benefits. I could remind you of health, soundness of mind, emotional well-being, productivity, accomplishment, confidence, JOY, etc! But right now I am just coming to you with the challenge of the question, “Why aren’t you _______?”

Let me know if taking a moment to answer my own question may catapult you to sit at the potter’s wheel, off-road, ride your horse, count your chickens, or whatever brings you joy and peace.

God made us to take time create, to take joy in it as well as rest and recreate! For the time spent doing what you love will pay you and others back, if we allow it.


(The rose photo was a shot I caught as I noticed her loveliness as I was briskly walking by to visit someone. I paused only for a moment, grabbed my phone, focused on the beauty,,, and it filled me.)

Which Direction Will I Fall

As I’ve been hiking (and climbing) I’ve been cognitive of which way to fall if I’m going to fall. 
Instead of over the cliffs I’ll shoot for the banks or the rocks that are big anf loom supportive in front of me, etc. 
As I woke up and listened to a worship song my friend had sent me when I first penned this, I had a couple of clear analogies; here they are.
To simplify–when, not if,  I stumble or fall–no matter if it’s my fault or even if I were intentionally tripped, I know which way I intend to fall. 
Friends and fellow hikers in life may be close by, but I can still fall. 
I will fall into and on God. I may just splat, face first, but He is where I will purposely fall if I’m going down. He is there as my destination point, He calculated this as part of the cost He willfully paid at Calvary. 
Jesus is my direction, the place to be caught, loved on, restored, and put back on my way– with Him still at my side…for the next time. 

And the time after. 
We all stumble, not necessarily in a form of sinful waywardness, but by battles which come internally and externally. 
We need to pre-set our falls. Into the shelter of the Most High we are invited to fall. 
Life isn’t easy but knowing no matter where we are, how hurt or humiliated by life’s circumstances or the enemy’s mocking, God never will leave us. 
The big lie is we are alone. 

Lies always attempt to separate us from God and our destinies. 
I’m leaning into Him, the Rock, a High Tower and place of refuge.  Therefore my life falls securely and purposefully onto the Rock to which I fall. 

Have you preset your landing spots already?
(Thank you to my beautiful friend, the purveyor of hope who deals it in worship and song lyrics, the impetus of my morning musing and one who speaks truth through love, bringing restoration to souls.)