All Things Transition

“All things transition” has a double meaning as I write this. My first thought was a title signifying I’d write about all things transition.

Transitioning Tides, Northern California Coast

Then the verbiage reminded me of a short walk I took with my youngest son last night. Observing our shadows forecasting a head of us, I saw his size compared to mine and felt simultaneously the comfort of his grown stature–yet also the loss of the little boy shadow–how time changes things, ever so quickly.

He led me by the freshly sold home of my daughter and her family. My grandsons grew up into their middle school/high school frames in that home. Their home a memorial to times past and lives well lived as their family takes on the future in a new and wonderful location, adventures awaiting from their newly built home.

On our walk between lulls in conversation many people and memories came to mind. Life is one big adventure, isn’t it? None of us know all the variables or the outcomes, we just do the adventure, often times only realizing in part we are indeed on the adventure of a lifetime.

Presently, for myself and so many others, transition seems to be the order of the day. It’s not always sneaky as it enters, instead it can be jolting and jarring, like an earthquake under our feet we watch the chandeliers swing, plates crash, rooms divide. Yet, people are geared to rebuild, restore,  and remake anytime things crash. And in the crashing God can use compassion, mercies, support, and encouragement offered by fellow humans. I’ve sure experienced the likes. 

And l fail if I forego mentioning the joys, thrills, and hope in adventures–especially if we keep our perspectives in line.

Are you like me? Are you feeling and experiencing uncomfortable changes, ones that shout new adventures, only to remind you that you are a risk-taker simply by living?

Yesterday my husband Jack and I met a young man on a big adventure. His name Timon, he flew from the Netherlands for an adventure open and subject to change, riding Alaska to Central and perhaps South America. Bold and confident his words all held wisdom of a sage spoken through the eyes and lips of a 26 year young man. I was captivated by his stories yet two miles down the road of comparison, I realized my life (your life) is such an adventure, especially launching into my new marriage and redefining my business and work, aligning on new paths and loosening my grip on some of the past.

Life is an adventure. It takes courage and requires risk-taking. Where are you right now and how might God be shifting some aspects of your life?

(Find Timon on his bike on WordPress and Facebook. )


Hopeful Imagination

Seeing into the distance, the future, through impediments like an early morning fog challenges our perceptions, but also the direction we may take and the life we live.

Talking to a precious one recently, I said, “Why not use your imagination and plan on things working out?”

I was considering how easily we enact our imaginations with worry and fear. I’m guilty. In fact, I should ask some of you to forgive me for aligning my imagination with too many concerns: please forgive me.

I’ve primed myself and others using the following question as a means of analysis of possibilities and opportunities: “What’s the worse case scenario?”

Why have we all at one time or another used that question as a way to make decisions?

It doesn’t align with the Word or character of God, does it? Wisdom considers outcomes, but vain imaginations…not so much.

In 2nd Corinthians 10:5 the Apostle Paul writes, “Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.” (KJV)

Imagination is one of the greatest gifts God hardwired into our DNA and which He cultivates and stirs up in us so we can take part in and pour forth: humor, design, beauty, concepts, art, problem-solving, and the endless list of ways we use imagination.

Imagination is a gift!

Yet, if this life-giving imagination is taken in the direction of fears and worries it can steal our head space, time, joy, strength, and relationships…and that list goes on and on.

God calls us to hope, to be courageous, and to bold living. We can consider leaning into the practicality of worries as if somehow it makes us more responsible adults–bearing the unforeseen future with a weightiness of cement shoes.

What if we choose hope, combine it with faith, and let the joy of the Lord be our strength?

Today I had some incredibly fantastic news about a situation as heavy as they come. My heart exploded in gratitude to God.

I immediately reflected on the aforementioned scripture along with Psalm 27:13, “I would have lost heart, unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.”

Hope is a precious commodity we can maintain and sustain others with it.

I’m not going to ask myself or anyone else the question of “worst case scenario” any longer. I want to trust God’s intervention in my life and the lives of others based on His Word and character, not my imagination gone south. Join me?

Hope filled Blessings,

(Looking at the above photo taken at Alsea Bay,  1st Corinthians 13:12 was brought to mind.)