Pearls of Hope Conference MARCH 13th & 14th EUGENE

I am so excited to be part of this conference. This isn’t just your average conference. God is orchestrating the big picture and the details. I hope you can join us; come expecting to hear from God–you will come away knowing Him, His love, and begin (or continue) to discover your divine destiny! Blessings, Annette Trucke/Audacious Consulting & MediaPOH MARCH BACK OF CARD JPG

The following is part of the backstory to this particular Pearls of Hope Conference written by Soorin Backer. Find more conference details on!

Twenty three years ago, I was a newlywed and commuting to graduate school in Southern California traffic almost every day. My red Toyota Camry was my second home. Most evenings, I tuned into Christian radio and listened to Focus on the Family. I wasn’t particularly a fan of that show but it coincided with my drive home and I loved Christian radio.

One evening, I remember a certain woman’s voice really captivated my attention. At a time when Christian radio was prominently white, I heard a woman speaking with my accent. She sounded Korean-American. Her story of living on the streets of Korea as a war orphan, surviving brutalities that are unimaginable, and being adopted by a white American family who rescued her had me completely enraptured. Towards the end of her powerful testimony, I heard an inwardly audible voice, as loud as if someone was speaking to me from the outside, say, “Remember this woman’s name for, one day, you will minister with her.”

I tried to pay attention at the end when they announced the speaker but only caught her first name. “Stephanie…” In a strange daze, I couldn’t fully process the rest of the program. I wondered about this experience and questioned if God had truly spoken to me. But life goes on. Things happen. I forgot all about this experience. That is, until about two years ago, someone mentioned her name to me and asked if I’d ever heard of Stephanie Fast. Almost immediately, after literally over two decades of completely forgetting this experience, her testimony came rushing back as if I’d heard it yesterday. I said, “Is she a Korean-American war orphan who survived a lot of abuse?”

He said, “Yes, she is and she lives right here in Oregon!” I came home and wondered what God was up to. I’m not one who tries to make things happen and I don’t go knocking on doors. I figured if this was God He would make it happen.

Two years later, last October, we were in the throes of planning our first Pearls of Hope Conference. We were scheduled to meet to pray and plan. One such prayer partner, Karen Alban, called me one day and said she really needed to talk to me about something. Could we meet privately about half an hour earlier? She started the conversation by mentioning how she had just finished watching a DVD series from a woman by the name of Stephanie Fast. The entire time she was watching Stephanie’s testimony, Karen said she kept thinking of me. She truly felt that I was supposed to connect with Stephanie Fast and that she might have a role to play in that. I was stunned.

To make a long story short, filled with divine connections, amazing women of faith, and Kingdom driven ministries, I met this woman God had told me about twenty three years ago. Stephanie was all that I had expected and hoped she would be. After some prayer and comparing schedules, the dream of a second Pearls of Hope was born.

This conference may be just another Christian conference for many others. Certainly, for Stephanie, who travels around the world sharing the love of Jesus, this could simply be another event in the midst of many events of importance.

But, for me, this is a conference that was twenty three years in the making. It’s a long awaited fulfillment of a promise from my Father in heaven. I don’t know what The Lord is planning to do. But I believe He wants to show off a little and use His much beloved daughters to do so.

Please come and be a part of God’s promise coming true and claim the certainty that the Father can and will do such amazing things in and through you. Come to Pearls of Hope.~Soorin Backer

And a huge thank you to Life Church at Wayside for partnering with Pearls of Hope Conference to facilitate this conference and partnering to bring Stephanie Fast to Eugene. Thank you especially to Karen Alban. We also would like to thank Valley River Life for allowing us to house the conference at their church! Blessings! Soorin Backer


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